New location announcement

When I started HAV Wellness 4 years ago I had a BIG vision in mind where multiple wellness professionals could come together under one roof to bring the best wellness modalities to our area. I listened to my clients when they told me they felt overwhelmed in an office that quickly grew busier than originally anticipated. My goal was to share the space on opposite days as other professionals and well, that just didn't happen. So I found new space for JUST ME in Palm Harbor. My new location is the Palm Harbor Executive Suites at 3060 Alternate 19 Suite B-4, Palm Harbor 34683. Directly across the street from the PH Fire Dept, turn at the blinking yellow light. Enter the door labeled B. There are chairs in the hallway to your right where you can sit until its your appointment time. I space out my appointment slots with enough wiggle room that my clients rarely wait for their appointment, but I do ask that you come at your scheduled time slot. Just a new location and a new name: Vernillo Health & Wellness

Also, I now am offering NAD+ therapy. This is a 2 hour infusion that helps maintain neurological health. NAD+ is the cornerstone to maintaining healthy internal organs and a healthy neurological system. As a breakthrough B vitamin coenzyme, the benefits of NAD+ are innumerable. Those concerned with what they are putting into their bodies can rest assured knowing NAD+ is a naturally occurring molecule already present within every cell of the body. Some of the more obvious benefits may include clearer skin, thicker nails and hair, increased energy, less brain fog, and generally feeling and looking I particularly appreciate the infusion’s potential to restore and enhance the brain’s neural pathways. As a chronic migraine sufferer and a family history of dementia I am constantly researching ways to keep the mind sharp. And on my path I discover and learn these new wellness modalities to bring to my patients.

Stay Safe. See you soon back in the office.

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